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Our company do provide interior design to design your ideal dream house/commercial property. Interior design is important to brighten up your commercial building to made shopper to pay attention on your shop and made spend; to bring you a warming house feeling with the perfect colour matching; to made you a spirit and elegant working environment. We do provide customer in space planning, design concept, ideal material to fix in customer’s dreaming commercial & residential building. Responsive to our client’s vising, we are committed to design that express the interrelationships between space, form, colour and materials and integrity. At here, we are committed to provide superior service and strive to delivering exceptional value for customers.

我们公司是提供室内设计来设计您理想的梦想之家/商业物。室内设计对于您的商业建筑 很重要,提亮感会引起购物者的关注带动消费;以完美的配色给您带来温馨的家感,为您 营造一个精神、优雅的工作环境。我们会尽责于构思设计理想的空间、形式、颜色和材 料以及完整性之间的结构去完成顾客的梦想商业住楼。 在这里,我们尽责于提供优秀的服务以及价值给我们的每一位顾客。

At the same time, our company do provide renovation services and new build to our client, it called “One-Stop Solution” providing you solution and solve your troubles after getting a new house/office/restaurant’s key. Our services including plaster ceiling, cement, wiring, painting, tiles, plumbing, iron, signboard, furniture, all interior and exterior works. We do use advance technology for example for rooftop checking and water leaking, we will use DJI to do checking to save our time and safety purpose. We do like to explore in terms of new material & technology and made our client satisfaction.

同时,我们公司也为客户提供装修服务和新建,称为“一站式解决方案”,为您提供解 决方 案,解决您在获得新房/办公室/餐厅钥匙后的烦恼。我们的服务包括石膏天花 板、水泥、 电线、油漆、瓷砖、管道、铁、招牌、家具、所有室内外工程。我们确实采用先进的技 术,例如屋顶检查和漏水,我们将使用 DJI 进行检查,以节省我们的时间和安全。我们喜 欢在新材料和技术方面进行探索,并让我们的客户满意。

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