Creating a Scandinavian-Chinese noodle shop restaurant with a wooden and playful yellow concept is unique and intriguing fusion. ID Design & Renovation by Expert #CubebeeDesign Team. Our designer had Incorporate clean lines, minimalist furniture and plenty of natural light. With the usage of light-coloured wood, such as birch & pine, for wooden decors & furnitures. Besides, we also used yellow as the primary accent colour, to add warmth and vibrancy to the space. Create a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting and comfortable seating arrangements. We've also combines elements from both Scandinavian and Chinese cultures, incorporating a stylized pan mee noodle shop with the client's branding of cute kitten design. By incorporating a wooden and yellow colour scheme, we've created a unique and memorable dining experience that appeals to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. We're One Stop ID Contractor based in KL, Malaysia. CALL us today & BOOK your slot with us!!
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